If you’re looking for a wedding venue in the Durham area with the perfect atmosphere for your wedding, reception, and engagement party, the Cotton Room is the ideal Durham wedding venue for you. Our passionate event designers work to accommodate all of your catering and decor needs, while the simplicity and timelessness of our venue will ensure that your wedding makes a lasting impression.

Durham NC’s Premier Historic Wedding Venue

Innovative Cuisine

“Good food is a celebration of life” -Sophia Loren
Our award-winning chefs use local ingredients to create seasonal to traditional dishes. Our menus are only a starting point to use when planning the celebration of your new life together, and our event planners will infuse your families’ culinary heritage, traditions, and personal favorites to create a truly custom experience.

Expert Event Planning

We know how stressful it can be to plan your wedding, but with our staff, it doesn’t have to be. Our event planners will guide you through the entire planning process from selecting your linens, designing the menu, recommending fabulous local vendors, and arranging your floor plan. We will listen to your desires to ensure that your vision is reflected in every detail. When you host your ceremony with us, we’ll even provide a professional, dedicated “day-of” wedding planner to help guide you all the way through your special day.

Inspired Decor

Care for a little Flair? We have plenty! Crystal chandeliers, lounge furniture, custom lighting, centerpieces, and linens are just a few of the fine decor elements available through our Flair division. We will help ensure that you are not simply planning your wedding, you are designing your dream!

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